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1925 Buick tools and jack

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Now that the '25 coupe runs and drives, I'm looking to flesh out a few details. What type of jack was used ? Is there a combination wrench for hub caps and spindle nuts ? I assume there was a special water pump packing wrench also. Any help and sources for the aforementioned would be greatly appreciated.



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  This will get you started.  I am commenting regarding 1925 Standard Tools.  Let me comment as I go down the 1925 standard tools list.

- Tire pump - no photo in 1925.  Last photo is 1924 6 cylinder.  Good picture if you look at Plate 53, which is 1923 6 cylinder close up.

- Tool Kit - no photo in 1925.  See Plate 53.

- Hub Cap Wrench - You need to get one that is 2 1/4" across the flats.  See the parts book, but most people have the style as shown below that is slightly different.

- Oil Can - Mounts on the fire wall.   I don't know for positive if this is correct.  I think the brown one is, but it would have been silver or zinc plated.

- Demountable rim wrench - See the photo under Plate 53 (from Leif) 

- Spark Plug Wrench - The 1923 and earlier spark plug sockets are 1 1/8 across the flats inside, and 1924 & 1925 are 7/8".  The new replacement spark plugs take 15/16 so the wrenches only look good in the tool set now..  Same for Master and Standard.  

-Instrument wrench - just like the photo.  These do show up on Ebay and at swap meets, or if you are lucky enough to have a good friend like Larry DiBarry.

- Auto Jack.  No 1925 photo, but see plate 53 again.  The "Buick" stamped jack was used with the Masters.  The other style jack was made by Racine.  I think but am not positive that these would be for the Standard.

- Zerk Grease gun - See plate 53.  

I would love to see verified tools for 1925, and any corrections or additional knowledge is appreciated.












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That is a great idea to use a strap wrench to prevent damage to the Nickel plating on the hub cap.  I have also installed rubber O rings between the hub and the hub cap.  This size is for the 1925 and earlier small Buicks.  You can not see these when the cap is on.  There is a groove in the hub for these.  It keeps the nickel from pressing hard against the paint on the hub.  It gives the hub cap something to seat into that will prevent the cap from working loose while driving.       Hugh   



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OH MY, I have been doing things wrong for years I am finding out.  I put a clean shop rag over the hubcap and put the hubcap wrench over the rag and the cap either comes off or goes on - whichever is desired.  You guys are a wealth of information on here🤣.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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The grease zerk fitting was introduced in 1925 and my Buick no longer has any Alemite connections, but rather the pin style zerk connections.  I do not know when the later "ball end" zerk fittings were introduced but that is another story.  I made a display of what has been presented on tools that I have seen so far.  Buick stopped the book of parts pictures in 1925.  There was also a part number change that groups grease guns for 1927 and 1928.  Then I have the 1929 grease gun.   So I am looking for more information on the zerk grease gun that came with all Buicks 1925 and 1926.    Thank you,   Hugh



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