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1920's engine hand crank's

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I came across a couple of old hand cranks the other day at a junk/antique store. Looked a lot like mine (for a 1925 Master) so I bought them in hopes that someone could use them. I actually kept one of them and so offering my old one.  Take you pick $10 each plus shipping. Both have the rotating handle and fit my 1925 just fine.

Tom Dierks


Cranks 2.jpg

Cranks 1.jpg

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     There are 2 handcranks.  Like all things Buick.  One for the 4 cylinder/Standard/Series 115.  One for the early 6 cylinder/Master/series 120-128.  Jim has a Standard so it will not fit his car.  I would not want to ship one overseas if it did not fit.    My hand crank fits a 3/4" shaft.  My Standard hand cranks do not have a rotating hand piece either.  Another way to make the Standard stuff less expensive.     The ID of the Master hand crank is .812 



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