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1928 Buick Model 47S Town Brougham

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This is my 1928Buick Model 47S Town Brougham. The 47S was a Special one-year only model. This car is completely Original, and UNrestored. In fact, I'm still driving on the Original, Factory, diamond pattern tire on the right rear....89 years old! This was the Fire Chief of Milwaukee's car, John Homolka. The Chief bought it brand new in Jan. of 1928. It was big news, and the whole block waited at Mr.Homolka's house for him to round the corner in his new Buick. He then gave rides to all the neighbors and friends who had gathered. The Chief took the streetcar to work everyday, so the Buick was only driven on Sunday to church, and every Summer, he would take his family on a vacation. He died by fire in 1932, and the missus never learned to drive, so the Buick was put in the garage behind the house, with the shades drawn, and it sat there unmoved from 1932, to 1956, when Mrs. Homolka died. The Chief never had any sons, only two daughters. The eldest, Olga Dambrucht, now grown and married, came back to close the estate, and when she went to the garage, there she saw it...."Dad's Big Buick" as they always referred to it as. It was 1956, everything was chrome and atomic age, who wanted a stodgy old car from the 20's?  She remembered her childhood friend, and the boy next door, Burt Brunnel, and how he always admired "Dad's Big Buick". He of course was grown, married, and had moved to Mercer WI. She called him, told him mother had died, would he want "Dad's Big Buick"?  would I!!!?!!???  he said. YES!  So, she  gave  it  to  him.  He took the train from Mercer to Milwaukee, said he went to Gamble's hardware store, bought a 6 volt battery, primed the vacuum tank, and he said the Buick popped right off...!  it had 6000 miles  on it.  He drove it back to Mercer, and said as he drove, the original factory tires started to shred. He owned about 400 acres of grassy field land, and he stated in a notorized statement to my Dad that from 1956 to 1965, when we bought it, that he never licensed the car, and the car was never on a public road. He said once or twice a year, he would start the ol girl up, and drive her around the fields a little bit, then back in to a pigeon shed and tarped. When we got the car, there was long dead grass in the bumpers and undercarriage. The right rear tire is the original spare tire from the Buick factory in Flint. The Brougham is Light Promenade Blue, with Black above the beltline. Winchester Gray Mouldings, with Buick Red stripe, edged in Gold. The Brougham had a Special Taupe interior specific to this model. The 47S is the mid-size offering for 1928 with the 120inch wheelbase, but the big 50 series Engine, and DeLuxe 50 series interior, and bright nickel trim.The car has NEVER stranded me Once!  Not Once in 51 years of enjoyment. The Buick starts on the first try every year, and steers with one finger. This is the only car anyone has seen with the Factory Inspection Tags still sewn in the seats..!  These were typically removed by the dealers after offloading from the railcars. The Brougham still has the gold embossed, leather covered smoking set, and ladies vanity with peach toned mirror to even the complexion. The top is the tarred canvas, with the Brougham rear, shiny black patent long grain leather. I was offered 1 million dollars at the Buick Centennial in Flint MI, by a famous music promoter, writing a check out to me from a Huge binder checkbook on the running-board as I consistently said 'No, Thank You' because he had never seen a car  so  old, and so factory original.. for you see? This Buick, "Dad's Big Buick", is truly Priceless..!  She now has 16,000 original miles, and only 3 tires, the sparkplugs, and exhaust pipe are not factory original. I'm visiting my parents on Lake Superior as I post this, and only have these few poor photos of the Town Brougham, but I will post some better shots when I get back home to Palm Springs.














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hi Mark!!

I sure Miss You...!!!!

Think of you often !

gosh, don't think I've seen you since Seattle '07 (?)

no....the Buicks are in MN still. I've been travelling A LOT, and garages in palm springs are like diamonds, except harder to find, and more expensive!!  haha. everything is car ports due to the 359 days of Sun we have each year. Being the 28's are so original, I just won't store them without 4 walls and a roof. Once I settle in one spot, I'll bring them out. I summer in MN most years so get to enjoy them for a few months each year. Right now they are in just pristine storage conditions....heated, air conditioned, filtered air, and No rodents!!! lol. The original 89 year old Factory supplied tire alas has finally peeled away from the tube, a chunk of about a 50 cent piece, so will have to get 4 blackwall Silverton Cords, and will keep the original on as a spare, cosmetic only.  Sure missed the PA national at Nicola's. ?

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That's the year, make & model I have but I have a long way to go before it will even come close to your car- you have a real beauty there. I'm still hunting parts.

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