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a) font is better but still way too much whitespace and generic stuff at top, having to do much more scrolling than old site.

b: can the left side frame be narrowed a bit ? I use J.C.Taylor and understand the need to display sponsors but could shrink frame 30% and not have to change it.

c: biggest irritant from old forum is still there but have not a clue how to fix. I generally start with the newest post and work my way back but everytime I post a comment it jumps to the top and I have to scroll past all the ones I already read. Sometimes just go back to the Reatta listing and find where I was but would be much easier if "next" (and why isn't it "previous" ?) went to the next oldest <span style="font-style: italic">before the edit</span>.

d: no "Post New Topic" inside threads

e: reply no longer shows entire thread, just last post (better than none & may have missed something there but again not what we had before).

f: turning off pictures in the "display" choice page doesn't

g: would like "Post Reply" (continue) button directly under edit box - have to scroll down to find it.

h: will think of more as I go, have been there so know what you are going through. Expect to be a lot better next week (and probably tomorrow 8*)..

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