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Ultimate Cupholder??


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I found this site here the other day and ordered one of the single-flat units with gray padding. It is pricey but well made and adjustable. Further, doesn't need funky electrical tape etc. They come in various colors as well as real burlwood (very pricey). Also comes in flat or hanging. The dual holder would only go on the console rest and that makes it a bit high up. Al, at Drinkholders, is the designer and has created several specialty designs for other space-deprived autos of our ilk. He's willing to work with us. So post your suggestions (I sent him interior email pics of my 90 Vert). I'll point him here or you can email him directly through his site.

PS I have no affiliation with them and stumbled across them on the BMW forum -seems like we all like our drinks at hand.


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