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Wanted: 1962/63 Buick Special/Skylark 4 speed Parts or complete cars.

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Kid442  A number of years ago I installed a 4 speed out of a 63 Skylark into a 62 that originally had an automatic.   I'm sorry I can't remember the exact details, but I was helped out tremendously by a local auto parts store that was not part of a big chain.  As I recall the original shifter in the 63 had been replaced with a Hurst Competition Plus shifter. 

The clutch disc was 8.5" I think.  Anyway the parts store came up with a disc and pressure plate from a Ford Falcon.   Also, make sure you get the 4-speed trans support rear cross-member.  It's different than the automatic trans part. 

The 63 had a special piece welded in to provide the opening in the floor for the shifter handle. I cut it out and installed it in the 62.  I bought a reproduction shifter boot for a mid 60's Camaro which worked real well with the Hurst shifter.

Good Luck with your conversion.  It was a fun car to drive.     Jim


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i took a good look at the photo of the 1961 special. I bought that car 4 years ago. The posi rear is in my 1963 Jetfire and the wheels are the same car.. Do you have any paper work on that engine?



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