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33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

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5 hours ago, Cowtown Commander said:

What a neat tail lamp, I appreciate that you are trying to match the original but there can't be many that would be able to spot an incorrect tail lamp.  Is the car as nice as the tail lamp?


Not many means not all ;-). I am german, we try to do all 100 % perfect - sorry for that ... lol

It was a little challenge to modify the repro tail lamp. Originally the Glass insert is down, as light for the license plate, but on o Rockne with the rockne Script its up. Now the screw for the Ring is up too. Looks terrible. So i modify the housing screw down again....


nice or not, decide yourself


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1 hour ago, Tinindian said:

The internet is not much help. After looking at dozens of pages there are as many plated as painted.  One original is one or the other.  Good Luck.





Thank you !!!! The first picture is my car with Bosch tail Lamps on it. Its wrong.

the second shows full chrome housing. Perfect. Thank you!

the only difference i see, the original light do have a spring holded lense as the front lights, the repros do have a ring. but better have a Repro than nothing... ;-)

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No , I do not have any of these.

When you visited , I sold you the flag with "Rockne on it"  and we looked for a tail light.

I do have the Naco lights that you have now but not the original chrome ones.



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20 hours ago, rbk said:


I have this lens and it was in a Studebaker box.

I that the same lens you need?

I do not have a part number.

Maybe someone else recognizes it.





Bob, I need two of them plus two housings.

no way to get a license plate with only one tail light in Germany. (for safety reason)



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I am in need of two of these as well if anyone can guide me as to where to find them. I am also need of Rockne: headlights, bumpers, door handles inside and out along with window cranks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Strictly for the sake of getting a safety inspection and license, couldn't you mount any functional fixture until you find the precise one of favor?


The original NACO Standard on U.S. production of the Rockne was all chromed and a single solid body without a bezel; lens was spring mounted. The third photo in post #3 and the photo in post #8 are correct. The only current NACO Standard fixtures I've seen are a two-part body, with a separable bezel, which you have in black. These also accept a different lens than the spring mounted one. (Note the difference in RBK's post #8 and #12.)

I bought one a couple years ago that has a chrome body rather than black, so they ARE out there somewhere. I'll try to find a record of my purchase. It's still a two-piece fixture, unlike the original.

I thought you might have taken a picture of mine while you were here but include it anyway.

I still think that the Bosch tail lights would quite probably be the correct items installed when the car was assembled in The Netherlands.



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My question is , is that lens in post#12 a Rockne lens?

Note the little tab on the lens.

I have some of the tail light bodies rims and lenses for the one in post#1 for sale

but they have painted rims.

Robert Kapteyn

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The Rockne lens is 3" across; so, no, the 4" lens would fit no Rockne. The photo Bob has in his post#8 is an original '32/'33 housing and lens. The lenses by themselves do show up fairly often on Ebay, and the NACO Standard 3" fixture was used on several other brands at that time.

I believe the one you show in your original post #1 is still manufactured by NACO, primarily for Jeeps and, if the body were chromed, would be the closest to original you could find. In the Jeep forums there are folks who question if their all chrome tail lights are correct, as they are seldom seen on Jeeps. Apparently the were installed on the Jeepsters from the '50s and '60's, or on models prior to a specific Serial Number.


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