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Happy Labor Day

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44 minutes ago, Imperial62 said:

Man those wheels look fantastic on a Reatta.  I also think they would look great "smoked" - that tint they are putting on factory aluminum wheels nowadays.


On your wheels, are those the ones off the Regal from about 10 years ago? 

Thanks.  The wheels came from a 2006 Lucerne.  They are 16's.

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Buick engineering SHOULD have addressed stance in the first place.  


It's not a 4 X 4 getting to run through the mud, or climb rocks.


Do a photoshop, you will quickly see how much better it would look had engineering done the stance right. 


Dale in Indy 

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Where I live- my driveway connects to the main road at a steepish angle. Even being careful- the Air Dam almost scrapes, but dosen't, maybe 0.75"-1.5" more to go. I still have stock rims & sized tires, and am very pleased with them.


Driving a lowered vehicle isn't always practical. Bumps, speed bumps, potholes, heavy rain, inches of snow, etc.


I know what you mean, though. Maybe- a hydraulic kit?  http://www.kwsuspensions.co.uk/kw/info/kw_hls/


Another Member here- 63Viking and I were swapping lowering ideas a while back. I tracked down a company- that makes custom knuckles. I'm not sure if he followed up or not.


KW Suspensions offer many products, and there's probably more companies- very willing to make money, and make anything you need.


It kills me- when an owner looks for car parts- and if the website doesn't offer "xxxx Buick Reatta" on a parts application menu- they get discouraged, and think there's nothing to be had.:(:angry::wacko:


And then Jon or D-a-n-I-e-l drives by...:lol:



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