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In October 2016 (right after Hershey) my brother and I acquired the entire contents of car parts from the John Hawkinson estate.  This is the property that was featured (March 15, 2017) on the season premiere of Chasing Classic Cars.  This was a massive collection of over 40 vehicles and an even more impressive collection of vintage parts, primarily Packard, Cadillac, Buick, Lincoln, Pierce Arrow, Reo, Mack Bull Dog Fire Truck and American LaFrance.  Nothing on the property was newer than 1932.  Since then we have sold some of the inventory on ebay and we held a private swap meet at our property the end of July.  We still have a very large and diverse inventory of these hard to find parts and we are creating this post in hopes of putting these parts in the hands of folks who need them for their projects.  We will be at the Fall Hershey Meet in spots CX 53 and CX 54 in the South Chocolate Field.  Our biggest challenge is the fact that we have two spaces at Hershey and enough inventory to cover 100 spaces.  Thus we are looking to give the viewers here a glimpse into what we have so that if you see something you are interested in we can hopefully work out a deal and bring it to Hershey.  There are several ways to view our inventory or at least a good portion of it.  First off, you can go to ebay and check out our ebay store.  Try the following link (below) and PM us (here) if any issues connecting.  We can not stress enough the importance of communicating with us either here by PM or by personal email (doug@valleyvending.com) so that we do not alert ebay to a possible sale outside of ebay that would deprive them of their share of the profits.  If ebay suspects a deal being done off ebay.......viewers asking for our phone number or providing theirs and asking us to call them......they will shut down our account (it has happened and it is a nightmare to get it resolved).....therefore we do not acknowledge such requests on ebay......just contact us here on this site or by private email (my email above) or call me (Doug at 518-572-0907).  One more thing to keep in mind is that the prices you see on items in our ebay store reflect the cost of listing the part, final value fees, pay pal fees, and shipping when applicable.  The point being that if we have something in our store that you want to buy form us at or before Hershey then we can discount the item accordingly (cash is king)!  Here is the link to our ebay store:


If that link does not work then just go to our ebay page and on the top right click on "advance" to the right of the search icon then on the left side column of the next screen click "by seller" then under "enter seller's ID" type in "19fatboy66" and click on "Search".....this brings you to our store with over 500 items.  You can enhance the view of the listings by going to the top right and click on "gallery" view and then at the bottom right click on the "items per page" and change to 200.  We would also like to mention that we will be doing one more big listing on ebay the week of 9/17 to 9/24 of at least 100 items (smalls) mostly items from the Hawkinson estate, so please check our ebay store again that week to see more items that we could potentially bring to Hershey.

Next we did a couple of you tube videos of our swap meet set up.  Some of the items have sold but many items are still available for sale.  Here are the videos:     



In addition to what you have seen (above) here are some pictures (below) of some items we are considering bringing to Hershey.  Prices are as follows:

Packard Radiator & Shroud 1929? $700

Buick Firewall with Body Tag / Data Plates $300

Buick Bumpers $200 each

Packard Running Boards $500 pair

Universal Six Marine Motor (pic's 111 to 121) $750

Packard Radiator 1928 six cyl ? $600

Clutch packs, disc, pressure plates $100 to $250 each....prefer to sell as a lot (call)

Trunk "A" and Trunk "B" $250 each

Cadillac Doors (1928 1930 ?) very solid $1,500

Lincoln Doors (1929 - 1930 ?) very solid.....all handles and glass in tact $1,500

Landeau Top (specific application unknown) $1,000

Packard Hoods (choice) $500 each

Lincoln Wire Wheels 1929 1930 ? (complete set of four with center caps) $1,500

Owen Dynetto Starters $250 each

Cadillac ? or Buick ? Wood Spoke / Artillery Wheels (set of Four very solid) $1,200 

We also have some 1934 Packard parts from a recent acquisition that we have yet to picture and we will post in a separate listing in the coming days.  Thank you for taking the time to view our parts and please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.


8-27-17 001.JPG

8-27-17 002.JPG

8-27-17 003.JPG

8-27-17 004.JPG

8-27-17 005.JPG

8-27-17 006.JPG

8-27-17 007.JPG

8-27-17 008.JPG

8-27-17 009.JPG

8-27-17 010.JPG

8-27-17 011.JPG

8-27-17 012.JPG

8-27-17 013.JPG

8-27-17 014.JPG

8-27-17 015.JPG

8-27-17 016.JPG

8-27-17 017.JPG

8-27-17 018.JPG

8-27-17 019.JPG

8-27-17 020.JPG

8-27-17 021.JPG

8-27-17 022.JPG

8-27-17 023.JPG

8-27-17 075.JPG

8-27-17 076.JPG

8-27-17 077.JPG

8-27-17 078.JPG

8-27-17 079.JPG

8-27-17 080.JPG

8-27-17 081.JPG

8-27-17 082.JPG

8-27-17 083.JPG

8-27-17 093.JPG

8-27-17 094.JPG

8-27-17 095.JPG

8-27-17 097.JPG

8-27-17 098.JPG

8-27-17 099.JPG

8-27-17 100.JPG

8-27-17 101.JPG

8-27-17 102.JPG

8-27-17 103.JPG

8-27-17 104.JPG

8-27-17 105.JPG

8-27-17 106.JPG

8-27-17 107.JPG

8-27-17 108.JPG

8-27-17 109.JPG

8-27-17 110.JPG

8-27-17 111.JPG

8-27-17 112.JPG

8-27-17 113.JPG

8-27-17 114.JPG

8-27-17 115.JPG

8-27-17 116.JPG

8-27-17 117.JPG

8-27-17 118.JPG

8-27-17 120.JPG

8-27-17 121.JPG

8-27-17 123.JPG

8-27-17 124.JPG

8-27-17 125.JPG

8-27-17 126.JPG

8-27-17 127.JPG

8-27-17 128.JPG

8-27-17 129.JPG

8-27-17 130.JPG

8-27-17 131.JPG

8-27-17 132.JPG

8-27-17 133.JPG

8-27-17 134.JPG

8-27-17 135.JPG

8-27-17 136.JPG

8-27-17 137.JPG

8-27-17 138.JPG

8-27-17 139.JPG

8-27-17 140.JPG

8-27-17 141.JPG

8-27-17 142.JPG

8-27-17 143.JPG

8-27-17 144.JPG

Trunk a.png

Trunk b.png

Cadillac Doors a.PNG

Cadillac Doors b.PNG

Cadillac Doors C.PNG

Cadillac Doors D.PNG

Cadillac Doors E.PNG

Lincoln Doors a.png

Lincoln Doors b.png

Lincoln Doors c.png

Lincoln Doors d.png

Landeau Top a.png

Landeau Top b.png

Landeau Top c.png

Landeau Top d.png

Landeau Top e.png

Hoods a.png

Hoods b.png

Lincoln wire wheels a.png


8-27-17 084.JPG

Cadillac artillery wheels a .png

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Incredible collection of parts which, unfortunately there are not as many Packard experts around as there used to be for help with identification. Not sure how many pre-war cars are being restored or on the road that would create a demand for all these parts. Unless things are reasonably priced, these parts could remain with their present owners for quite a while.

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I attended the swap meet up in New York. The two brothers were gentlemen and had a very nice display. There is a HUGE amount of Packard items, and while not a Packard expert, most of it looked to be from 1926 to 1931. They also had some late 20's and early 30's Caddy, Lincoln, and Pierce Arrow parts. They were very helpful to me, and after watching a video of their parts, I called them and made a purchase of the items I wanted. They were fair and easy to deal with. Very good people in the hobby. Good luck to the buyers and sellers of all this inventory. Ed

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An incredible collection of parts. A suggestion on what to take to Hershey.

 The Packard hoods, axles, Radiators are big, easy to identify and can be sold easily on the forums or ebay.  Unless guys have asked to buy and collect these parts, from Hershey thru this post, I would leave them at home. I would take the parts I CAN'T identify to Hershey.

The smaller unidentified items are a problem, because how do you list something, when you have no idea what it fits.  These are the items to take to Hershey, the guys looking for that stuff may identify the part and buy it.

Gaskets, spark plugs, bearings, seals and the like are hard to sell. When guys want this stuff, they are unlikely to stop and scratch thru a pile looking for what they want. With time being too short at Hershey, most guys will probably go to the guy who specializes in these items, there they can ask for a specific item, get a yes I have or No I haven't got and move on. I would suggest you talk to the guys who specialize in these items and try to sell them this stuff as job lots, or you will still have them years from now.

Also put up  boards on your site, with pictures of parts you have left behind. Example, a board with a BOLD heading,  "Packard Part For Sale" and a lot of Packard pictures, another with "WHEELS FOR SALE", etc, that way if a guy is looking for Packard parts or WHEELS he can have a quick look at your pictures and buy if needed. If you sell an item that is pictured, write sold across the part, so others, don't bug you for the same part.

 My experience with Hershey showed that the majority of vendors had small stuff for sale. The big parts are better off sold by using pictures, because the buyer has a problem carrying those big parts away.

Another thing I found too, if parts are just dumped in a heap inside a box, you are less likely to stop and dig thru looking for a part you need. The stuff I stopped and looked at were either laid out on tables, or spread out on the ground, just as you have done in your video's.

Just my 2c worth.




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