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YouTube video - 1939 Dodge Pickup converted to all electric vehicle


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Having noticed on this forum a recent thread or two concerning electric/hybrid vehicles, I’m attaching a link to a YouTube Video that some may find of interest.  This fellow converted a 1939 Dodge ½ ton pickup to all-electric power, while maintaining use of the original transmission, clutch, pressure plate and rear differential. 


There are three or four videos that detail how this project was tackled.  Most of it is over my head, and seems kinda wonky, but overall I found it quite interesting.  I do wish that there was a segment where the truck is actually shown being driven on the road.  The truck looks dead stock, for the most part, and I enjoyed the segment where the builder tells about driving the truck to places like Lowe’s and Home Depot, where guys come up and start asking questions about the truck and what kind of engine is in it.


Incidentally, for those who have Smart TVs, it is much preferable to view YouTube videos on your big screen, as compared to your computer monitor.


Videos 2-4 will come on right after the previous video finishes playing.




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