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Please Recommend A Radiator Repair Shop, Orange County CA

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Hi everyone-


I'm hoping someone can recommend an old-school radiator shop in the Orange County California area.  

I need to replace a soldered-on fill neck and repair the slightly indented tank on a 1940 (dated)  honeycomb radiator.


There used to be plenty of shops around here, but not anymore.  A sign of the times I guess.  

A few years back I heard of a vintage specialty shop in north/central OC that was still going strong, but I can't remember the name or location.


Anyway, thanks for taking a look.


1940 Radiator 1931 Model A.JPG

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I don't know how far Salinas Ca. is from you, but I had Salinas Radiator shop rebuild my radiator. Put in a high efficiency core and did a great job at a good price. Even comes with a warranty. They did my heater core also since they are no longer available. 

Address: 231 E Market St, Salinas, CA 93901

Phone: (831) 424-5647

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I selected this radiator because of its honeycomb core, it's patina, and its great condition.  It will be a nice touch to my WW2-era patina-heavy Model A work truck.  


This radiator should work well as is...but that darn fill neck is the fly in the ointment.  That's why I'm looking for an old school shop that repairs, not just replaces.

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Since information is still free. I would give them a call and explain to them your situation and how you want everything kept looking vintage. You may want to have them test it anyway to make sure there is no problems. Things can look great on the ouyside, but could have issues on the inside. I'm sure they can get you fixed up. Talk with Sam. Hope this helps you out.


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3 hours ago, CarlLaFong said:

It's not that difficult to do it yourself. All you need is the proper neck, a propane torch, flux, solder and a few wire brushes and flux brushes.

Yeah, that was my next move if there are no recommendatios around OC.  Thanks :)

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