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Could I, Should I, Will I.....get another TC

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You betcha, refuse to think about that, most probably I will.  (But I'm also looking at other cars like a Reatta or 1975 and older 2 door hardtops)

I'm looking at buying again and not just watching prices and cars out there. My biggest problem is location(gotta be very near Riverside, CA) and seeing cars at asking prices twice what the selling prices have been for the last year and not selling or lowering prices. That and I'm cheap from seeing actual wholesale auction prices on cars at work and knowing I could pay a dealer $500 over to buy a car for me, but most cars are 2012 and newer so hold no interest for me (other than the exotics I couldn't hope to get). No, I won't touch a dealers overblown price on a TC, they seem to keep them forever so they can advertise a 'Maserati' on their website without having much invested in them.

  I prefer Ginger interiors but like the Bordeaux, and Black burns when getting into a car in SoCal. Paint preference would be red then white then cabernet, followed by black and in the distance is yellow. That said, the only combination I would NOT consider is yellow with black leather. Dash leather also has to be non-pulled away shrunken, except the instrument hood of course.

  Automatic trans is the only way to go for me, I can drive a manual shift car but they are not fun when I tend to hit every red light in town and they are close together around here. I really would like a TC that is in turn the key and go condition which would be in the 3 to 4000 dollar range depending on overall condition and color combo, so perfection is not needed. Cars needing work but still driving and looking decent in the 2 to 3000 range depending on what needs work. Running but needing work to get on the road or not passing a CA emissions check before the sale would be below 1500 and anything not running below 1000 or taken apart/missing lots or major parts below 500.  Brakes not working properly is obviously a price lowering low blow on these cars, as is a smoking V6 or rattling 4 cyl.


I know, I know, but last time I was looking and gave up to buy my Caprice wagon, 3 cars showed up for sale in the next few months that met my criteria and only one was too overpriced for me to consider. I just didn't have the money for the other two anymore. 

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Twincam, I tried to make it interesting to read at the same time as putting what I want out there. I also tried to include a little edumacation to sellers as to what might motivate a buyer to pull the trigger or pass on a car they have had for sale for way too long.  The Cabernet TC on San Diego craigslist for 3500 would fit the bill except for location and the hole someone put in the hardtop, price depending on the condition during an in person inspection but should be within 500 to 1000 of their asking price. Just too far away for me to be interested when I know there are quite a few closer to me that just sit in garages almost all the time. The next TC that will end up getting parted out or donated will be the 3500 red one with broken lights, extreme clear peeling, and a host of other things wrong that is currently on craigslist. 

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Looked again, don't see any. I have to take into consideration that even though I could go look at cars not close to me, my ride to go get said car is my 82 year old uncle who falls asleep in less than 30 minutes of driving. I found that out on the return trip from the Escondido area of So Cal when he was weaving all over the road on the way back, and he is worse now. Having a car shipped home is one way around that but I know full well the damages that can be wrought on a vehicle by using this method and would like to avoid that.  Now maybe I'm not being allowed to see ALL postings on this board but that seems unlikely.

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