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Hi there fellas!  I'd like to sell some of my spare parts - just make me a good offer. Pickup in Los Angeles would be nice! 

The soft top works great, never had any issues, except for the loose stitching at some places. and the headliner sagging on the driver side rear. ( I already zip tied a couple of loos spots ) 

it has 1 tiny little hole  ( see pics) 

umbrella looks brand new to me ( I never used it) 

Instrument Cluster Cover is in real nice shape - no damage or shrinkage.

IMG_9821 2.JPG

IMG_9822 2.JPG

























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Hello Shelbyone,

   just in the past hour I'm the new (to me) owner of an 89 TC that is in really good condition with the only flaw in the interior being the instrument cluster cover has some shrinkage. would you be willing to part with it. if you can see the pic of the interior you will see it has wood grain inserts, I'm assuming those can be removed, right? sorry I haven't got the car yet but will have it by this time tomorrow.



Trek L.



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Just remember that these cars were hand made and placement of things can be slightly different. They should be interchangeable.  The ginger interiors have a real dark brown color while the black interiors have a black instrument cluster cover.  To see the difference you have to hold then up to one another.  Putting a brown into a black interior is more noticeable than putting a black into a ginger interior because there is no other blacks to compare the black instrument cluster cover to.

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The instrument cluster shown above came out of an early build 1989.  In 89 there were only two instrument leather options.  The Bordeaux cover came in a Royal Cabernet TC with a Bordeaux interior.  The ginger interior TC's (yellow, Royal Cabernet and Red) had a brown leather covered  instrument panel in 1989.  The leather piece is attached to the plastic housing by four screws.  You should be okay switching out your plastic wood covered instrument shroud with the early build shroud that does not have the plastic wood.  

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13 hours ago, Reaper1 said:

Ugghh...I could use the top (I really only need the headliner), but no funds or room right now. :(

Hey Reaper!...too bad you are not in CA!, you could come and pick it up! I suppose even if shipping would be free, I would not trust it to arrive undamaged....

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People have had decent success shipping stuff like that via Greyhound believe it or not! I know someone recently shipped a soft top that way and I know people have shipped seats that way. Just an option for those that might be interested, but concerned about the shipping.

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happy new year fellas!  

I really need to get rid of my parts by mid february!!! the sooner, the better! 

I am hoping that someone is interested in buying the top  - I am not able to store it any longer!

So if anyone knows anyone - let them know about the top and all the other parts ( except for the instrument cluster cover _ I sold that one!)





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If you still have the umbrella next week, when I get paid, I'll want it. PM me with price w/shipping to Charles City, VA 23030 thanks in advance. Might have to do Money Order or Western Union as I am switching banks but I obviously don't expect shipment until payment is received. Not sure what WU fees are like or getting a tracking # but please include them in your pricing I will be happy to cover both.

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If you have any other ginger parts, I am seeking the small strip on top of dashboard that appears to be removable. Mine has a cigarette hole & some slight peeling & would like one in A+ shape. Worst case I will have it & the itty bitty one on the other side of the cluster re-covered to match the cluster when I can afford to get it re-done.

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