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Probably. Try double-clutching it.


Try this: You're in high gear, and you want to go down a gear. Push in the clutch, pull the lever to neutral. Let the clutch back out in neutral. Stab the throttlle, suddenly, and give it a pretty good quick stab. Push the clutch back in, and shift from neutral to the lower gear.


This needs to happen pretty fast, not speed-shift fast, but you don't have a lot of time to think, so plan ahead and try it.


Keep in mind two things: 1) The shift from high to neutral and the shift from neutral to the lower gear are two distinct, separate motions. 2) when you stab the throttle, you need the engine rpm to go a little higher than it would be if you were already in the lower gear.


Let us know how it goes.


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Look up "youtube floating gears".  Lots of good videos.  No real need to double clutch.   Ease off the gas until the leaver will shift out of 4th, speed the engine up to the speed it would be running in 3rd and shift.  With practice you don't even think about it.  I drive my car without the clutch all the time.

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