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Grandfathers Pedersen Cycle Car 1922

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High bid when on eBay was $10,100. April 29, 2017. Maybe it was sold or maybe not. Was located in Scottsdale, Arizona supposedly.








1922 Other Makes convertible Additional Info:
You are bidding on my 1922 Pedersen Cycle car. It was made by the L.C. Pedersen Motor Car Co. inc. 6126 Broadway Chicago,ILL. From 1920-1922. the number of cars built are unknown,this is the only one know toexist. This car was in a museum in Wisc. since the early 60's. The owner of the museum restored it at that point and has since past away. The V twin cycle engine was built by the pedersen company completely. it has a 3 speed trans, 2 forward and 1 reverse.the engine is a 2cyl. Deluxe 9-13 hp. air cooled. the carb. is aScheduler, ignition is a Atwater-Kent, trans is 3 speed with bevel final gear of 5 to 1 ratio. Brake is a band brake foot control, and hand operated E-brake.Tires are 28 x 3,N.S. Weight of car is 820 lbs. Speed is 10-50 m.p.h. Original sales price was $295.00 F.O.B. Equipment list at sale waselectric lights,2 headlight, 1 tail,storage battery,pump,jack,top, andwindshield . It was advertised as "The Car of The Future" Lowest priced car on the market. Most economical, forty to fifty miles on one gallon of gas, 350-400 miles to quart of oil, 12,000 - 15,000 to a set of tires, Easiest to get around in, due to short wheel base, Seats two comfortably, Rides easier than any car of twice its weight due to superior spring, and the most beautiful car made. I have copies of the original sales flyer. there is under 500 miles on this car. I have drove itseveral times. It starts up first swing of the crank. I am in NO hurry to sell it sodon't make me dumb offers. Be the only one in the world to own this piece of American History.

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