ISO Plastic Rear Quarter Ends for 1976 Buick Electra

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In search of those plastic rear quarter ends for my 1976 Buick Electra 225.  They just recently started to crack and fall apart.  I need both the left and the right.  



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Those plastic parts fade, get brittle, and break 

for all sorts of General Motors cars of that era.

Your car could be a pristine 10,000-mile car, always

garaged, and still have that malady.  Thankfully,

those "bumper fillers," as they are called, are widely

reproduced for dozens of different cars.


They are reproduced in either ABS plastic or in fiberglass.

I've heard comments that ABS plastic is preferred,

but it might not be available for all cars.  With either,

a little bit of adjustment might be required to get them to

fit your car optimally.  The replacements are not flexible like the

original urethane, but they should be more durable.


If your other pieces still look okay, front and rear, don't

trust them to last.  The piece around the license plate

is one of those vulnerable pieces. Get a whole set if it is

available, front and rear, and I'd recommend replacing all the

pieces at the same time,to save you the future nuisance.  


Numerous places sell them, though I'm not sure how many

actually make them vs. simply retailing them.  Here are a

couple of places to check:


---Plastic Parts Inc.  (formerly Musselman Distributing), 

(800) 331-7081 or (954) 974-3051.


---Replica Plastics, Dothan, Alabama

(800) 873-5871 or (334) 792-1866.


It's always nice to see a fine looking 1975-76 Electra! 

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Thanks John, I ordered the ABS plastic quarter bumper fillers from Plastic Parts Inc.  Do you know where I can find the black bumper filler between the rear bumper & the truck?  The pieces under the license plate and between tail lights and bumper? 

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Don't those places have those additional pieces?

My Electra is a 1979, so I don't have specific knowledge

of a source.  Maybe some day I'll have a 1975 or 1976.


One 1974 Electra I saw, similar to yours, had sheet metal bent

to fill in the gap below the license plate.  The metal folds

were simply square folds.  The average person would not

notice the difference in that inconspicuous place unless

it was pointed out, and the solution was certainly better than

having a gaping hole.


Car makers, stop relying on cheap and temporary plastic to do 

the job of better materials!  You're making it harder on collectors,

and even modern owners would surely appreciate better-quality materials.

And Mr. 64 Rivi, If you do find the extra pieces, please let us know.

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This company makes both the license plate surround and your lower tail light to bumper fillers. The will need to be primed and painted to match the original black flexible rubber color of the originals. Also BE AWARE, these are ABS plastic and not flexible like the originals so your rear bumper will need to be removed for installation. Been there and done that on my 76 Electra.



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I have a 1975 Buick Electra . I'm looking for the front and rear bumper rubber impact strips. They go on the outside of the bumper. Also I'm looking for the door mirrors and rear side marker lights

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