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All are originals. Here's the measurements of each radiator that's matched to the number.   no picture... 20 1/2T, 19 3/4W  4D is a  original 1915 model T speedster/racer with  VGC honeycomb core,    #8  29 1/4T, 23W, 4 3/4D    #9  28T, 23 3/4W, 4 1/2D    "No number- on bottom" don't know what kind of car, is a original brass  19 1/2" wide, 22 1/12 ' tall, 3 1/2" deep very, very good core and shell.  May be for a 1920s model T speedster/racer with a honeycomb core.     contact:







best brass radoators 8.jpg

best brass radiators 9.jpg



model T radiator polished 1.jpg

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