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New Detroit Lubricator Carburetors


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Has anyone here bought a new Detroit Lubricator from packardcarbs.com, the fellow who makes these updraft carburetors in Post Falls, Idaho? 


I'm wondering if you were pleased, did the carburetor perform well right out of the box or did you need to do a lot of adjustment. . . .  Does it make your car run great? 


I'm more interested in a well running engine than a showpiece, but it would be nice to have the correct carburetor for my 902.


Thanks for your comments.  Feel free to send me a private message if you'd rather.



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A friend bought one and fitted it to his 640, without touching the adjustments, as instructed, and he was more than happy, he said the Packard had never ran and idled so well.    The workmanship and finish is superb.

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