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Steve,<P>From the list of original owners of the TC which I was given by Chrysler Corp. back in 1992, there were a few cars registerd to Leasing Agency names. Nothing big time as in<BR>Hertz or Avis..but a couple times I had owners then register the car to themselves instead of the company. The statement was that they had used it as a lease car..short term in a couple cases. No registration in<BR>blocks or anything which you could assume was<BR>a daily rental situation. So gather the answer to your question would have to ba a NO from the information on that data base of<BR>original owners.

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Chrysler had an order system for rental cars, called daily rent a car (DRAC) TC's were not eligible as DRAC units on the dealer level, and I used to rent cars from Thrifty in Los Angeles a lot during those years, and they never had a single TC. (I asked!)


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