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Teves Brake repairs


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I have had a number of inquiries regarding parts and service for the ABS system. The TC system is very similar to the system used in the Reatta, Bonneville, 6000 and a few other GM models. I have contacted a company in Texas that rebuilds the units for the GM cars and they said that they can rebuild the system in the TC for around $500. This is substantial savings off of a Chrysler repair, and a whole lot less than the horror stories of $3,900 to $5,000 that other TC America members have been charged to repair their systems. Although I have not needed to rebuild one myself, a friend had his GM done and is quite happy with it.<BR>In the future I may stock these rebuilt units if demand is great enough.<BR>The company is:<BR>Prior Remanufacturing<BR>315 International Road<BR>Garland, TX 75046<BR>(800)444-4821 <A HREF="http://www.priorreman.com" TARGET=_blank>www.priorreman.com</A> <BR>Person I spoke to: Rick<BR>If anyone uses tham please report back your results!

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Thanks for that information posted. You and I<BR>have spoken about this and hopefully we will have a member 'give it a try' in the near future with results to the group. I will also publish your posting in the TC America Newsletter, where in the next issue the address of this discussion group will be posted as well. There are so many instances where I hear reports of absolutely outlandish<BR>price quotes on these brakes. Opening up a resource can literally 'save car' which might<BR>othewise be 'doomed' for reasons of far to much expense for the value of the car. Each<BR>and every week, month and year we learn so much more about the fact that these cars are not as expensive to maintain as was originally thought. Keep information such as<BR>this coming, it helps every owner of a TC!<BR>And certainly your TC America Club.

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I am checking in because I had heard that the TC used the Teves system as do our Reattas.

Two things..... Prior has done lots of rebuilds for Reatta owners. Their price, service, and warranty is super. The cost for the Reatta is $405 including shipping. You cannot touch those prices at GM.

Flushing the system is cheap insurance against failures from damaged seals.

Dot 3 fluid will absorb 1-2% moisture each year, this moisture will corrode aluminum and rust steel. The rust and corrosion particles will float in the fluid and scratch and damage seals and "o" ring. It can also get stuck on the ABS valve seals and cause malfunctions. Flush your brakes.

If your Chrysler dealer doesn't know how, try a VW or Saab repair shop, they also used the Teves system.

If you would like to find more information on testing the Teves system. Go to www.reatta.net and look at the Brake section. This will help you diagnose problems.

If anyone in your club or on this discussion has input, please send it to me at


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