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A chase to the finish!

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I had an exciting 'chase' a couple weeks ago when I spotted a shiny Exotic Red TC touring<BR>down San Ramon Blvd. After many elusive turns (the driver was searching for a parking spot) I pulled up alongside this well<BR>maintained *16 Valve 5 speed* The club now<BR>welcomes new members Milt and Mary Lou Reiner of Danville, CA. Milt said that although they have a lot of people comment on the car, this was the first time that they had been literally chased down. So, keep your eyes open, you never know when you<BR>might spot one too. It would be nice if you would print a couple application forms<BR>from our website just to have in your car and<BR>handy when needed. Visit our new website if<BR>you have not already done so: <A HREF="http://www.ChryslerTCbyMaseratiClub.com" TARGET=_blank>www.ChryslerTCbyMaseratiClub.com</A>

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Two weeks ago this Monday, I had a mid morning pass, honk, & wave encounter with an Exotic Red motoring northbound with the top down through Santa Barbara on US101. The traffic was typical for the area, so she never quite caught up with me again before peeling off towards UCSB. TCA member or not, I obviously can't say. Really no ideal place to pull over in that vicinity to find out (presuming the person would have followed me off the freeway, anyway). I have also chased some TC's on surface streets down, but tha owners have always turned out to belong already. I've left some cards under the wiper blades of some parked ones, too, but have never elicited a response that way. <P>It's funny, though, how you seem to develop "radar" for other TC's. If you're good enough, eventually you will be able to see one going 65mph in the opposite direction across a divided highway & know 1) what year it is 2) whether it's a 5-speed or automatic & 3)if it's for sale! tongue.gif" border="0

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