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Well, thanks to the sponsorship of the Antique Automobile Club of America & the graciousness of the Administrator here, Peter Gariepy, TC enthusiasts now have a new, more interactive, & organized venue where notices, information, & technical Q&A can be posted. <P>I will be serving as the Moderator for this particular group, & given the fine sort of folks that are attracted to a fascinating & special car like Chrysler's TC by Maserati, I anticipate that it will be far more of a pleasure than a chore. <P>Please feel free to contact me regarding anything related to the functioning or enhancement of this forum.<P>Stephen Lyons<BR>TC America Member #1769

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Thanks to Collectable Automobile,for establishing this club Discussion Forum, and Steve Lyons for accepting the job of moderator of this TC America forum. <BR>We encourage all you TC owners to participate, and of course if you are not already a member of TC America, please get on that list soon. Membership can only enhance the enjoyment of your own TC. The<BR>club is a 'ten year proven product'and certainly worth being part of. <BR>Keep this forum active, you will all benefit from our particular TC slogan Member Helping Members...it has worked for years, so try it<BR>yourslef.<BR>Every effort will be made to give proper attention to your own message.

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