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I don't know if it's art. But I like it.

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Shot a few more pictures then I will leave you alone for a while.

The wiring harness looks pretty good a few rub through spots nothing that can't be repaired.

Just at a glance only two unoriginal wires.

The temp gage is inop , so if anyone knows of a reliable gage repair guy.

It has a vacuum whistle the grand kids love that.

I like the steampunk brackets but in the end they may have to go.

I probably won't restore it , just replace all the rubber stuff it's perished.

I fabricated a front hood hinge it was missing .

there wasn't any hinge pins either so I used 3/16 round stock.

I don't know what these are supposed to look like so I went for fit and function.

So there you have it, my new truck in it's new home.  

I know I'm new but I enjoy the hobby and this my first forum experience. 







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Very nice truck. On the temp gauge there is someone who specializes in their repair but the name is not coming to me. I would try searching on this site. There also a video out there about doing it yourself.



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As Laughing Coyote said, it looks like the fender brackets were meant to accommodate long stock, either pipe or lumber.  It makes me wonder, though, why the stock would be carried on the driver's side, forcing the driver to enter/exit through the passenger side door.  Perhaps some obscure DOT regulation:o.


I like your truck.  By the way, welcome to the Forum if this is your first time.




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It may be because the locker door handle was on the passenger side of the Dodge vehicles of that time . I was told it was safety , so you did not open your door in to a horse coming down the road . My '31 only as internal lock on driver door panel and locker on passenger .

  I would not get rid of brackets , seen same exact front bracket on front of truck this past weekend at Macungie show in Pa. I believe it to factory OEM being the third one I saw . This last truck must of had back box  changed , as nothing line up to fender loop ,like first one I saw and yours .

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Thanks for the pics , 1936Dodge ! Glad you hooked up with us ! Yeah , I would keep it exactly as is cosmetically. Speaks well to the work ethic of the tough old truck. Take anything off , and you'll take too much time explaining what used to be there.


Grog , one logical explanation of drivers side long stock carriers would be easy load monitoring. I frequently stop to check my tie downs and lashings when driving a loaded truck. Did it just last night carrying a 1925 Oakland eng w/trans. Heavy and a bit top heavy on stand. HEY ! Does anyone need that machinery ? It is all there there ,not froze-up , and complete. For sale , cheap ! Anyway , curbside entrance and exit seems to have been in style back 80 years ago. Check out the graceful slide perfected by the actors having parked their cars in flicks of the period. 


Again , 1936Dodge , welcome ! Your truck is aging as gracefully as a working vehicle can possibly do. I am almost as old ; sure wish I looked and ran as well as it.  - Carl 

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Yes, it is ART.  In 1936 it was a black & white world in almost all photography.  I like seeing pictures today of antique car in front of old buildings or at work, printed in black  white or sepia.  Dress your kids on period clothing and get creative, then send us some more art.

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That is a great looking truck.  Do you think it might have had original duty with a fire station?  Just thinking that it seems well set up for carrying extra support equipment.  Is there any trace of markings on the doors or hood?

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