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Buicks and the Great Outdoors - Camping and Trailering


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Here’s a fine Fitty Fo’ for the great outdo’...




(not mine)


Filling in a few details from the ad before this gem gets snatched up:

"1954 Buick camper..... no title. This was built in Northwood Iowa high school in 1972 as a shop project. Framework of camper Is steel 2 x2 square tubing so structure is in good condition. Floor of car has some rust. Nailhead motor is smaller cubic inch and is stuck so overall condition unknown. Nice blank canvas and certainly an one of a kind! $2000.00 or best offer. Please look at pictures as they tell the story."



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7 hours ago, dei said:

Saw this at the Detroit Autorama yesterday and thought it sure would look good behind my Limited one day...


Actually, with that color scheme I was think'n the Special!  ;)

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I posted the above picture to see what kind of reaction it might bring.  For those of you who don't know, the V92 option for the 94 - 96 Roadmaster wagon was the Gran Touring / towing package. Included in the V92 package. 

  • 2.93 posi tract rear 
  • Heavy duty suspension - sway bar bushings, springs, HD self leveling shocks
  • Auxiliary mechanical fan in addition to standard electric fan
  • Auxiliary transmission cooler
  • Auxiliary oil cooler
  • Higher capacity radiator
  • Higher output alternator
  • Larger rear brakes

The wagon came with 7" alloy wheels, and if the tires were inflated to 35 psi, and a weight distribution hitch is added it had a gross towing weight of 7,000 lbs.  


All 94 - 96 Roadmaster Estate wagons are powered by the same LT-1 engine that came in the Corvette except this engine has iron heads rather than aluminum ones.

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I routinely pulled my 3500 lb boat with wife and two teen age kids with my 1992 or 1993 Roadmaster [I had a total of three] over the years. Drove from Wisconsin to Table Rock Lake in Mo for vacations and also numerous trips to the Wisconsin North Woods. Never a hiccup and hardly knew the boat was there. No electric brakes on the trailer, and the Roadmaster stopped great every time. Even a "panic" stop or two...

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On 4/1/2019 at 6:25 AM, Caballero2 said:

Take me back!

Even with 6 kids from 5 to 15 and two adults, I don’t think anyone went hungry that night...  pictured are the fishermen... growing up in the depression, my dad was quite the outdoorsman... still, I’ll bet it was an exciting day for everyone in that boat on Yellowstone lake...


Even though that car has a huge trunk, we still used up a cartop carrier. Somewhere west of Milwaukee, someone got a new sleeping bag... we assumed it wasn’t tied down sufficiently and blew off...


pictured: back row, Cleo & dad

front row Jim & Ken...

I was the 5 year old not pictured...

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4 hours ago, 91vert said:



Just in front of this photo is a curb that Suzanne didn’t notice on February 1 and stepped off as she was looking at the Alamo.  She’ll definitely remember it as we rented a wheelchair for the rest of the weekend and she got back into her air cast boot again once we got home...X-rays weren’t absolutely conclusive whether or not there was a fracture.  She’s almost walking properly now.


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