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Interesting Reatta Color?


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Now I've had some time on my hands lately, looking into things for my Reatta and what not. Since I plan on getting a new paint job, this thought came into mind and won't go away.. What would like a Ferrari Yellow look like on a Reatta? NOW I want to let you all know I am NOT painting my Reatta yellow, just red.. But in my opinion a bright yellow with black pinstripes would make for a very interesting looking Reatta, in my head it doesn't look half bad! Thoughts anyone? :D

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3 hours ago, Bob Hill said:

Here is one that is a little more stock than the other yellow you posted.  I don't care for the side skirts but otherwise it isn't a bad looking car IMHO




Very Interesting! But yeah I agree the sideskirts don't look good IMO. neither do those rims, But great find! :)

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