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Hi guys.  My wife's '17 rear spokes have loosened . so I got the hub puller out and can not move it. Turned it up so pullers split was up top and soaked for a week with a strong penetrant.  Right side came off easily. It had shim steel in it t take up wear.  Any further ideas on how to remove this stubborn hub?


Thank you

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I had one I thought was on for good....... :wacko:

Luckily I saw what was happening to the threads on the axle before it was too late.

I welded a small steel plate to a nut and bottomed it out on the axle so the puller would be pushing on the plate instead of screwing up the axle threads.

When I had as much pressure as I thought prudent I gave the puller a few good whacks and it finally let loose but I was pretty concerned for a while....... :(

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