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The switch LOOKS the same. The difference is it ONLY turns to the right 90 degrees at a time. 12:00 is off, 3:00 is positive ground, 6:00 is off, 9:00 is negative ground. 3 and 6 could be reversed. You can NOT go from 3:00 back to 12:00. I've read the theory, it must have worked too well because it didn't last long. I wonder how many other cars used it?

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Clum yes. I have only ever seen the one I found at Hershey. I am wondering along with many other wonderings if they were replaced in a recall as they seem scarce.  As far as I know they only came on Delco distributor equipped cars and NE 10,000 distributor cars before the 10,004 came out in '18.

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