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F/S 1911 White truck engine trans pedals steering column etc. All for $900.NICE! See photos. Pass it on!

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Dear Friends. I bought this nice 1911 White engine, trans and accessories off of Ebay 2 months ago mainly to preserve it, due to its condition and rarity. The engine is out of a circa 1911 White truck. Serial number GK 37019. It may be identical to a White car engine and trans of the same period. White experts need to chime in for all of us here. SUPERB for a speedster project!! I Believe its 30 HP. Has most of it not all the engine accessories, including mag,carb,oiler,etc. Does not turn over. Also includes the trucks steering column! Came out of a truck chassis that was stored outside but with the hood over the running gear,in Rusk Texas. I paid the seller to remove all the levers, pedals,brackets ,etc. off the frame to use the running gear in a speedster, another White truck or car, etc. Looks all and all quite good. I have decided not to use it, so I am passing it on at what I have in it plus the palleting, etc. which is $900 firm.You will have to have someone pick it up in Rusk,Texas.etc. The pallet is 6 feet long,39 inches wide,39 inches high,and approx. 500 lbs. It will fit into the back of a pickup. The prior owner has a tractor and bucket to lift it. Put on www.uship.com to get a hauler cheap,an Ebay company I use.I will handle putting the new buyer with the original seller to schedule a pickup plan. You can part it out for far more than $900! George Albright,Ocala,Fla.  cell 352 843 1624  weekdays 10-4 EST. email  gnalbright@gmail.com  











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Hi George,  I have a 1912 white truck which has a frost damaged block, it has the 30 h/p engine, I am in new Zealand, so I was wondering if would I be able to purchase these parts?  if they are still available?, I can send you pictures of my truck project so you can see i'm serious, let me know please either way,

cheers mike Cameron.

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Thank you for your quick reply, Mr. Albright! I gathered that the parts in the photos had been sold to the car owner in New Jersey. I was more curious if the remainder of the 1911 truck chassis from Rusk, Texas--i.e. frame rails, axles, wheels, etc.--was still around or not. I'm glad that the running gear went to a home.




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