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parts 1940 Super-8

Joe Block

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PARTING A 160 127 INCH WHEEL base car.  30% complete car,

 all sheet metal,   fenders  non side mount,  $200 each


running boards,  $100 a side 

 REAR only  bumpers,  $125, need straightening slightly 

rear quarter windows, metal finish with locking levers, left or right., $75 a side.  window molding,  inclded handle on each one

deluxe exterior stainless window surround set,  6 pieces, 4 doors and rear quarter,  $75 each. Front door gone



5 wheels, 16 inch  x  4.5 inch wide, 4 good wheels .  $600

Chrome Grill moviable louvers $300 minor straightening will need plating chrome is pealing. 

front spindles, bearings  with  brake drum , $250 a side

brake drums front $ 150 each 


left or right fender  NON WELLS $300 PAIR


Shields behind side grills $50 for the pair



Inside fender panel in front, post on eBay too, $250 for the pair. 


contact me for what you need 

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Update on sales, it disappearing fast. (see edit history)
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I also have a couple of 1942 160/180 parts cars.  on 1942 engine complete less carb as I recall. .   have lots of manifold and bumber brackets. for all cars. standard and super 8


Please contact with needs,  are this stuff will be going to scrap next trip. 

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changed lost to lots of manifolds, (see edit history)
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updated to add more prices and deleted many items that have been sold, 


I plan to be cut up what left and  to the crusher the balance by May 1st.  If you need body pane, cowl, roof, A or B pillars;  i can cut out any pieces  you desire. We clear out the 1940 parts just do not have the space for bare body shell and chassis.  127 inch 4 dooe sedan 

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