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speedster events?


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very happy to find a speedster forum. I built this from a 1931 Popular Mechanics magazine plan. designed for Model T or A so I modified size to fit the 1935 Plymouth parts I had. All components 1935 (34 motor) Plymouth, Model A rails modified.  Drives in the yard fine so far. need to finish dash/seats.

trying to find events that include some type of road activity. I did The Race of Gentlemen in 2014 on my Indian MC. This year they said my spdeedster looked "homemade" , so it did not qualify. story later.

Coatsville PA has a street run (timed) but only wants factory speedsters (Porsche,etc). mine could be for exhibition.

Any other events you know of? I am in Florida but will travel if it is more than just a show.

still photo below, video here  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3T3p0_pXr1vMkNObTZKb3ZpWkE/view?usp=sharing

spdter dog.jpg

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Now I'm curious as to what qualifies as a 'correct' vehicle for the Race of Gentlemen.  That is a rather ungainly body, but are they now determining the aesthetic value of a car before allowing it into the race?

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Mel and Bobby (founders) turned the entries over to a committee. 200+ entries for 100 spots. 

I had a buildoff with a friend (in NH) and this was to be our runoff.

These events are a lot of fun when they start but lose it when they get oversized. 

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Steve, I originally talked with the gentleman that ran the Coatsville event last year. A regular guy and a gearhead like a lot of us. you are right. he described it as "anything goes".He was calling guys to show up to get enough cars there.

 He is no longer in charge (reasons withheld) so I called the man in charge this year. Definitely think he is a "suit". he said they want factory speedsters. This doesn't fit the website description. The rules are you need a 2 or 3 layer firesuit. Also a roll bar. 

pretty well put me off. He , as TROG did, said I could be in the "exhibition area". I wouldn't care about any of the politics if I could run the course. But to just show the spdster, I can do that here in Florida. I plan to bring it to the Turkey Rod Run and the Mopar show at Garlits' , both in Nov.

I will revisit the website but  when they get to successful, as BB King sings "The thrill is gone"



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Steve , these are the regs. 

https://websites.godaddy.com/blob/536156d6-900a-4540-b4b8-aedcc6634704/downloads/Driver Registration Packet v4fnl.pdf?f2f166db

open wheeled cars don't need roll bars.

But it describes "as the car was built" . WTH, I built it. not a factory. If you read the regs, you will see my concerns. If I drive 1200 miles trailering, and then can't run, .....


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