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Another one from HAMB

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This one was on page 4581 of shots from days gone by. I think it is a Crestmobile - maybe? Although I think the Crest had its De Dion type engine in the front. Note something very large Behind it which we should be able to identify from the radiator shape.

Hamb p 4581 Buffalo Bill maybe crestmobile.jpg

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Hi Bob


Not mine..  My car had tandem seats .....AND was AMERICAN built in 1897


I guess all us bearded guys with old car sorrta look alike ;)


It's in the Dutch National Museum now



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I think that lever on the right is for steering - push forward for one way and pull for the other. From the damage to the right side fenders it looks as if he may have forgotten which way to push/pull the steering rod.The bar above his head looks like a bracket for a sun shade.

The date of the photo might mean the little car is maybe ten years old?


I guess a few hours trawling through The Standard Catalog might find it.

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Nice one NZ. Sorry not a Crestmobile!  I think the photo is marginally over high so should be reduced in hight to make wheels more round. I sent this  to our SVVS Help Pages knowledgable expert Ariejan Boss who has a system for identifying obscure early cars and he advised it was an American car made in Kalamazoo by the Blood and Fuller Brothers combining to form Michigan Automobile Company, this being a cca 1904 Michigan 3.5 Hp Model A Runabout, driven by Buffalo Bill, and  mis-identified on some websites as an Oldsmobile. Number of pictures on the internet confirm Michigan, including http://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/z10032/Michigan-Model-A.aspx






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