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1930 Gardner Roadster - Pebble Beach Entry

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1930 Gardner Sport Roadster Model 140 - 8 cyl.  Fresh restoration and shown at Pebble Beach 2016.  Will be sold at the Gooding Auction Aug 18-19 no reserve.  

Authentic restoration and stunning colors of black, silver & red.  Only 2 of this year and model known to exist, a rare chance to own this full Classic. 

www.goodingco.com and article on www.gardnermotorcars.com 


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This is not my car but I have seen it and it is Pebble Beach flawless.  This may be your only chance to own a Gardner 8 cyl roadster they are that rare.  For the history buffs (That's all of us) about 1,500 pages of Gardner history goes with the car, and covers all years 1920-1931.  Auction is in a few days Aug 18-19 and I'd love to see someone who reads this blog put it in their garage.    Lots of pictures at www.goodingco.com

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Sad such an interesting and well done car doesn't bring less than half the restoration cost. It will probably sit in someone's museum and never see the light of day. Any info on where it ended up? 132 was short money.

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