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46 Poncho

1946 Pontiac Streamliner Clutch HELP ! Service Manual

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I am from Australia and recently received my 1946 Pontiac Streamliner Straight 8  3 speed manual ...

Upon receiving the car from the USA the clutch appears worn out. 

We have removed the clutch and it appears to be the incorrect clutch for this vehicle as it has obviously had some work on it it recently...

The pressure plate looks new as does the the lining however they have tried to shim out the clutch with washers to try to make this clutch work !

I have ordered a work shop manual but it is yet to arrive ....

Does anyone have any pictures of what the original clutch components look like ... or a extract from the service manual 

We are looking to compare these components with the original .... 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I may have to try and locate original clutch components for this vehicle.



Thanks in Advance


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 When I needed a new clutch disc for my Pontiac I took the old one into a GM Dealer and left with a 80's Camaro disc.  A quarter inch larger but the correct thickness and splines. You could also look at The Filling Station.  There listings are for Chevs and GMCs but many many pieces from Chevs fit Pontiac.

Good luck and Happy motoring.

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I have seen in some cases the clutch disc is  installed backwards ( ie long side of the splined disc hub to the flywheel side as opposed to short side to the flywheel side ) this then pushed the pressure plate back towards the gearbox  front and prevent the clutch from operating.
Generally when the engine is started the long splined hub will clash with the spigot / pilot bearing and the resulting noise is quite obvious. Plus the clutch will not disengage. 

Maybe this is the reason for the spacers being installed ?

Clutch assy.pdf

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Thanks for the reply and the clutch assembly file.  

I have finally managed to sort out the problem I managed to locate another  ( Correct ) clutch disc and pressure plate ! I have now fitted it and it works perfectly ! 

Turns out there were quite a few differences between the previous clutch disc and the new one. 

Guess they were trying to make do with what they had .... 


Thanks to everyone for the input !

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