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Need help rebuilding 1957 Carter WCFB Carburetor

ACME Garage

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I have a 57 Caddy Eldorado - Original Motor is the 365 ci with dual quads (Carter WCFB) 2371s 2372s
The motor is at the machine shop being rebuilt.

I'm rebuilding the carbs and have been soaking the entire setup (Carbs and intake) in a large vat of Pine Sol & Dawn with a little CLR.

The solution really cleaned it up and they look great. (Smell good too)

I started the disassembly by separating the 3 main parts:

The top separated from the center section pretty easy.

The problem I am having is removing the base from the center.
I found and removed 4-5 screws in the bottom of the base, going "up" and securing it to the center section but it still will not separate!  
I looked for other possible screws or fasteners that could still be holding it together but I see nothing.

What am I missing ?

Photos ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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There may a couple of screws that you don't readily see.

You have to look down thru a couple of holes to get to them, possibly one in the center as well.

I might be recalling the upper part that you already have removed, did you peel the gasket off? that might shed some light.

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