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1930 DC interior


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I am considering making hand assists and blind pull cord tassels for my 1930 Dodge Brothers 8. <P>The hand assists consist of a 4-core cord twisted around a steel coil (similar to modern curtain cord used for domestic lace curtains). The cord appears to be cut off at the top end just below the cast metal loop it is attached to. How did they attach the end of the cord to the loop? The macrame appears to be a covering to hide the clamping system and perhaps a binding agent to hold keep it all tight and together. All I have is a photograph of a couple of these things. <P>The blind pull cord tassels appear to be braided over a pear shaped ferule. The braiding looks to include cords running vertically to give the surface a ribbed texture. Is that correct? How did they do that? Again, I have a photograph only.<BR>Thanks for your help.<BR>Graham, in Hamilton, New Zealand<BR>Graham.Fairless@opus.co.nz

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