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One Very Fast Opel GT

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Attached are a few pictures of my 1971 OPEL GT.  This particular OPEL GT is equipped with a Buick Motorsport 274 Cubic Inch V6 with twin turbocharged 67 turbos from Precision Turbo, a power glide transmission, and a titanium rear end housing sporting 9" Ford 4:10 gears.  This combination produces 1,400-1,500 HP.   At  the time of this picture the car weighed 2,700# on a 2"X3" mild steel chassis and a chrome moly certified roll cage.  In 2008 NHRA ruled this combination would only be certified for 8.50 seconds and slower.  At the time this picture was taken it ran 7.52 @ 185 MPH.  It is now being put back together with a full chrome moly round tube chassis that is projected to reduce the weight down to 2,050#.  It is all about having fun.  I'm all for the BCA recognizing OPEL.Opel.JPG.d6b7790bb78a0f8d41d2b4f12099a7b9.JPGOpelCecil.thumb.JPG.213d8885bdc9f3f6f265a022e9fb4958.JPG

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My too (recognizing Opel).  I enjoyed our conversation at dinner in Brookfield.  Hope you had good results getting your '28 taken care of.  That is one powerful Opel, perhaps the most powerful.



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