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1933 Chrysler wheel bolt pattern

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I just picked up a major project a 33 CO 6 , was trying to line up a couple more wire wheels but noticed the odd 5 on 5 bolt pattern, according to the chart I looked at it would not have that pattern, it's the same front and rear does not look to be any axle replacements?


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'33-34 Chrsler CO should have 17 x 3.25" wheels on 5/5".


Same as Auburn '34-35 6-52, 53

DeSoto '32 SC, DeL. 6

DeSoto '33 SD

Graham '33 6-65.


Other alternative for wires was 15 x 5" on 5/5". '33-34 Chrysler CO only.


From The Hollander 1952.

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