24 FT Enclosed from Los Alamitos, CA to Marshall, MI

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I was planning to leave at the beginning of next month (August.)  The new neighbors are having major renovations to the yard done starting today at 8am though so I would like to bump up the schedule.  I can go via I-40, I-70 or I-80.  If it's I-80, I will stop just east of Rochester MN for some parts.  Also, I will be attending the Hershey Meet, so anything that needs to go there is a candidate.


I am located at the intersection of I 405 and I 605 and will be going to the intersection of I 94 and I 69.


Paying a portion of the trip's fuel cost is the price.


Thank You,



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Yes, I can do that.  It would probably need  to be crated and shrink wrapped as it will probably be secured in a pickup bed from MI to PA.  If you can get it to Rossmoor I won't need to charge anything at all for any of it, period.


In MI it would be lifted with a front end loader and set in a pickup so whatever you do I need lift points, weather protection and for it to sit stationary in the truck.  



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