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Check it out! BCA 50th anniversary celebration video

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You gotta see this! Amazing video showcasing BCA 50th anniversary celebration in Allentown. Thanks for the awesome support by our gracious host Mr Bulgari, and his team.


See it at the BCA home page



or this You Tube link:




Alan Oldfield

President, Buick Club of America


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WOW. I was absolutely speechless after viewing this the first time.  It brought a tear to my eye reliving the experience.


I have sent my personal and BCA official thank you and appreciation to Mr. Bulgari and his team for allowing us to post this on our web page and here for everyone to see.  Absolutely fantastic.  I don't know how you could condense 3 years preparation and a week long Celebration into 11 minutes, but here it is.


Also, apparently it pays to just park your car in a random spot occasionally! (1:18) :) 



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I agree with WOW.  It so happens that the Minuteman Chapter was well represented in the video.  Me shaking hands with Mr. Bulgari (2:48 minutes into video), Jim Shiels talking with "Riviera" Bob at the outdoor vendors area, Jim Shiels and guest walking through one of the showrooms, green Woodie driving by with Dave Buckman at the wheel and Lee Johansson riding shotgun, and Pete Phillips (Yes, long time associated with Minuteman).

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Nice!  Buick guys should be taking notice, one of the chicken producers in the US has been advertising something like "When better chickens are hatched, xxxx will hatch them".....although the slogan about chickens seems to date to the 30's, I believe Buick was promoting the "better" concept long before.....and no, I don't need to see any comments about Buick chicken coupes that would be sedans if they were four doors!  dc

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