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1962 Oldsmobile Starfire Wheels

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I want to put the original wheels and hubcaps back on the car. It came with American Mags on it. I know I need the clips for the hubcaps, but need to know if the wheels are special, or will any 14 inch 5X5 steel wheel fit. I read someplace there was an indentation in the wheel for the clips.  The spare wheel in the car does not have 5 indentations, but does have a groove around the full circle on the wheel that may be for the clips. So what do I need to look for in Wheels to get back to original. Also looking for 3 nice original hubcaps

Thank You

Charles Martin

Chewelah, Wa

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I am not, and make no claim to be, an authority on this matter.  However, I would be more than a bit surprised to learn that Oldsmobile had a special wheel for the StarFire model.  That was not the GM/Oldsmobile way of doing things back-in-the-day!


I stand to be corrected on this by anyone with greater knowledge -

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I can tell those wheel cover clips are going to be a pain and guessed not all wheels will accept them. So if the 57-60 and 62-63 use the same clips then all have to do now is find some. Tried to track down the wheels that were on it originally, but could not.

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