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Which Gas do I use


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Guest leadfoot

Unleaded vs. leaded gasoline has been a subject many times on various parts of this forum. Historically, leaded gasoline just started to become generally distributed between 1928 and 1930. And at the time it was sold as a premium priced fuel compared to non leaded gasoline. During the depression, you can imagine the ratio of sales between the two grades. Also, during this early era gasoline octane ratings were in the 50s and 60s.<P>The consensus from many earlier threads is that almost all cars of your era had fairly low compression ratios and performance characteristics and therefore probally don't need leaded gasoline or additives. Today's gasoline is far superior, octane wise, to anything sold in 1930. Unless you've modified your car for racing or any other high performance situation, you should be fine with unleaded gasoline.

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