Car Hauler Care ?

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Having recently purchased an enclosed 24' car hauler I've noticed that very little attention was paid to the underside.

The steel tube frame has a LIGHT coat of what appears to be black paint.

The plywood floor has none.

Since driving in the rain subjects the underside to all manner of debris , water, mag chloride and salt, it would seem that I need to coat the underside with something.

Question is, what to use.

So.... If you have a similar type of trailer, what have you used to treat the bottom, to lengthen it's life.

All aluminum guys need not respond...............


Secondly, I find the 4 tie downs are bolted to a small panel of 14gage sheet metal, tack welded to a pair of cross beams.

I will be adding a 1/4" steel plates, grade 8 bolts and some good welds to beef these up.





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