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1925 Dodge touring saddles


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I am not familiar with the term saddles in regards to body or interior components for a 1924 Dodge touring. Could you please describe where on the car they are and are they sheet metal wood or possibly leather.


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AS it happens you are looking for a very rare item. Partially because around this period the top saddles were made optional and not all cars were so equipped. They look much like the earlier versions except the part which is inserted into the body in that obscure hole in the back side, which may have a funny looking corregated washer covering it, is all the way down at the bottom of the saddle and will be at a slight forward angle as compared to the earlier ones. This makes for a RH and LH unit. They fasten into the body with a truncated angle type ramp expansion device and a bolt rather like a bicycle's handlebar into the fork. the saddle opens at the top (hinged at the bottom) and has a wire and clamp to hold it together. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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