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model aa ford bearings

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Does anyone have any idea of the cost to replace babbited bearings and or the cost to change over to insert bearings, Just trying to get a ballpark idea of how much to help decide which way to go,any thoughts appreciated,Bob

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If all the bearings are so bad that they need replaced, I'm sure that there is some  wear on the crank journals and in other parts too. If it were me, I'd skip trying to find a guy who will repour and ream the bearings correctly and just purchase a new short block from one of the Model "A" parts dealers or an "A" engine builder. They usually offer rebuilds with insert bearings, if you so desire, counter-balancing and other options. In my opinion, for all you will drive your truck, insert bearings are not necessary and they are an added expense. The "A" engine, in it's original configuration will almost run forever with little maintenance if properly rebuilt. An "AA" is really a 30-40 mph. vehicle even with engine mods. "A" and "AA" engines are the same, just different trannies.

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