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Windshield questions


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So, my windshield is cracked, and being in NY (with our annual inspections) I need a new one.  I’m going to claim through insurance, I hope it’s covered.

So, I’m not sure where to begin.  If anyone has suggestions, I’d really appreciated it.

I’m assuming Pilkington is still the only manufacturer?

Do I contact a safelite-type of glass shop, and they’ll procure it from Pilkington?

Are there any instructions for the rubber molding?  Or does the new windshield come with replacement rubber?

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Dave is correct in his advice. Pilkington is still the only supplier, but they do both wholesale to other glass installers as well as retail through their own service glass division. So, yes, Safelight or anyone else  can order it in.


I would suggest - if you are comfortable doing  so - removing the A pillar trims, dash top pad and vent window leading edge weather strips before having the glass removed. These items are easily damaged in removal of the old glass unless the installer is well familiar with the Reatta  (hint: most aren't). 

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A price like that has been the list price for the last few years, most people say the replacement cost they saw was between $600 and $900

I had a similar call last week and the Reatta owner called back the next day saying he had talked directly with Safelite and they are planning a new run of windshields within the next few months.


All of the input I have received and read indicates the new original windshields come with the black molding.

Also people that have tried to reuse their molding on a replacement windshield says they cannot get it to stay in place and the molding seems to shrink and the ends do not meet, making them impossible to bond the ends together.

Since I have no actual experience I am asking for input........ If you have a good usable black molding and it is cut at the bottom of the windshield, I'm thinking you could bond/glue the old good molding to the replacement windshield and somehow clamp it in place until it dried... the crack or cut would be at the bottom.  The Reatta windshield has an aluminum panel that lays on the bottom of the windshield which would cover those ends, if that was sealed

after the replacement was installed, would that not work?

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