NOTE) We decide this morning,July 8, to drop the price from $15,000 to only $9,500 so everyone knows where they stand as a possible purchaser.Good luck,George Albright.   Selling for an elderly gentleman friend of ours. Please share with other Regal collectors. This project should probably be personally inspected by the buyer or his representative before purchasing,due to the number of loose parts. We do not guarantee the correctness of the parts,as Lou Icciano collected them. The seller bought the project several years ago from noted brass era collector Lou Icciano of N.Y. Lou spent many years assembling the super rare and quite valuable project. Lou is now in a nursing home in Washington State with his daughter I am told. the seller paid Lou $25,000 for what you see. Price for everything pictured is $9,500. 100 inch wheelbase chassis and appears to be the 20 HP model. Has 3 3/4 inch bore.  Its a 1910 or 1911 model underslung speedster racer runabout. Comes with newly issued Florida title as a 1910.Titled as serial number 189,which might actually be an engine casting number rather than a stamped serial number. If that is the case we can have a corrected title issued with the correct engine serial number or car frame number. Stored in Virginia just east of Williamsburg. Questions concerning the car and the parts and condition are to be directed to Bob Baucom in Virginia.His cell weekdays is 757 869 9912. Buyers will be given the chance to buy it in the order that they contact Bob,to be fair to all. Motor is disassembled but appears to me mostly complete and in good condition,as does the balance of the running gear. Great wire wheels. I have no idea if the older sheet metal on the cowl is original or and older repro.No bucket seats,but comes with an oval gas tank,and an unusual rear trunk. New repro fenders and hood.Has a pair of brass headlamps with REGAL on them! Original radiator and emblem. Missing some rods,levers,etc.The way to restore the body are endless! Restore to catalogue ,or your version of a speedster or racer, or as a full race car! Good luck,George Albright,Ocala,Fla.  email