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1926 Chevrolet coupe die cast model

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Apparently, when the Chinese copied this car for a model of the 1926 Chevrolet, they thought the orange turn signals under the bumper were original equipment and added them to the die cast model....hahahahahahahaha.

1926 Chevrolet coupe.jpg

Picture 25429.jpg

Picture 25430.jpg

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A few years back a friend went to Korea to see about having some dies made for reproduction pickup parts. While touring the factory he said they showed him the making a die to stamp out repro fenders. The part that he had a hard time grasping was that the fender was damaged in the system at some point and they were copying the damage in the die. Never having seen this part or the vehicle it went on before they did not know the difference. Ha said he never said a word to them about It not wanting to get involved.  And we wonder why offshore parts are a tough fit

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11 hours ago, BillP said:

Are Franklin Mint cars made in China? I have a very good model of my '39 (avatar). It's even red and black just like the big one.

This one was made in China....

Picture 25464.jpg

Picture 25465.jpg

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