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Air Conditioner fix

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I found a kit on Ebay.  It had 3 cans of R-12 A, an adapter for the port and a hose with gauge.  It cost about $60.  I put in the adapter and filled with 2 cans of R-12 A.   My air conditioner now blows cold air.  This was a simple fix and it costs much less than converting to 134.

I am pleased.


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On 7/9/2017 at 6:29 AM, checkmate said:

I don't believe Maxi-frig any more/less flammable than the gasoline in the car.

Keep in mind what happens when a pressurized (55 lb max) fuel line springs a leak, your A/C runs at about 200+lb on the high pressure side.

IMAGINE the fun you would have if your A/C sprung a leak up there in the hot engine compartment. AND, if you have to refill your A/C because it is low on R-12, YOU ALREADY HAVE A LEAK!

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While I do *not* condone or suggest this, I have heard of people running propane in their A/C systems. I thought of the same concerns, with pressure and flammability. I want to say that I found a video or something where this was tested out...basically is was a quick "poof" of flame and then nothing. So a rupture probably wouldn't be that big a deal. I'd be more concerned about a slow leak!


I have also seen a guy use "canned air" (the same stuff you clean your keyboard with) in his A/C system....blew VERY cold! Now...it leaked down because of what it is, but for the cost to him it was worth it.


Again, neither of the 2 ideas above I truly suggest, but I've seen it done.

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