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help with vin decoding my 46 lincoln

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we recently imported 3 lincolns into India

one is a 46 which i have started working on and the rest two are 47s


for the 46 the vin number reads as H148401

and body tag reads as 5EH 77 3222


what exact year woudlk the car be and what body style, its a coupe. but im confused whether there are different styles to it


i need to order a rubber kit for the car, any leads to where i would get a complete weather strip kit would be great



thank you so much,


attaching a picture of the car





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5EH indicates it is a 46


77 indicates it is a two door coupe


3222 indicates it was the 3222 car built 

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Interesting because 46's were supposed to have push button exterior door opening devices instead of handles.

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           Nice looking Car!  It looks to be a good car   to start with.  I did some research  and came up with this---

1946 H series Lincoln Vin # started with H-136255 up to 152839, 1947 H series Lincoln Vin started with #152840 up to

H174289; and last 1948 started with 174290 up to 182129.

         As often happens parts get changed. I noticed your hood ornament is '47-'48,  the hubcaps are '46. Somewhere I  read

that a customer could order door buttons on the exterior for early '46( perhaps to use up stock from prewar '42's. The 

actuating plate inside of the door is the same. On the '42 , the word "ZEPHYR appeared on the side of the hood, '46 this

was "LINCOLN" .

          I owned , what I thought was a '47 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet , turned out to an "updated '42 ! )  The whole front

"clip" was changed out. Doing research as you are doing , I discovered what I really had! If your not a member, please

join "The  Lincoln Zephyrs Owners Club"   Good Luck----- Larry

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