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1921 Willys Knight


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I just came across a 1921 Willys Knight sedan, I believe it's a Model 20. The car really piqued my interest and, although I'm quite familiar with vintage cars as a rule, I'm completely unfamiliar with the sleeve valve engine. Does the unfamiliarity of the Knight engine keep the price and sale-ability of the Willys Knight lower than other cars of the era? The google info on these cars just seems so scarce. Your thoughts?


1921 willys knight.jpg

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Yes, W.O.K.R. is the source for information. When you join, there is a lot of printed information from years ago for help in working on the car. Without joining, you will get online help, but no access to a great library.


Have you heard it run? They are very quiet engines! :)

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I have not heard the car run yet. The car has an interesting history. It was owned by Paramount studios here in SoCal and was used in the original Untouchables TV series from '59 - '63 as Elliott Ness's staff car. Robert Stack drove it. Has the correct paperwork to prove pedigree. 

This is a shot of the actual car on the set. Still has the spot light sticking through the windshield on the passenger side. B)


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Not  lot of active members, takes a few days to get approval done. 


You can post in the general discussion section without being a member of W.O.K.R.


I did before I joined to ask questions about the model 64 I found to buy.


Received enough comments to go ahead with the purchase.


The W.O.K.R. space at Hershey is also maned by a great group of members.

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